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Student Exchange Programme

Student exchange programme is an opportunity for USM students to study one or two semesters abroad at any USMís partner institutions. Ideally, students are encouraged to participate in the exchange programme within their third to fifth semester (3 year degree programme) and within third to seventh semester (4 year degree programme).

Studies abroad are planned beforehand with the Dean or Deputy Dean of the respective School, and with the International Office. The credits earned at a partner university are transferable as a part of credit accumulation for graduation.

How to apply?


What do you need to know?

  • Studying on the exchange programme can be an enriching cultural and academic experience, one that benefits you throughout your life and is considered favorably by many employers.

  • USM actively supports student exchange by setting up formal agreements with our partner institutions.

  • Scholarships are available to selected qualified students.

  • Exchanges of students will be for the duration of one semester or one academic year.

  • Students will receive credit for their studies undertaken overseas on USM approved programs. Should your credits not be transferable, you are required to extend your education here until you have satisfied graduation requirements.

  • Students are only required to pay the regular tuition fees of USM and need not pay fees to the host university.

  • Students are expected to assume primary responsibility for the cost of travel and living overseas. This differs from country to country, and students are encouraged to find out more before deciding where to go.

Am I eligible to participate?

Students are eligible to participate if:

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is 2.75 or above
  • Completed at least two semesters of studies at the undergraduate level
  • Demonstrated empathy and understanding of cultural differences
  • Possess good communicative and interpersonal skills


  • International students studying for a Universiti Sains Malaysia degree can apply to go as exchange students. International students are not permitted to attend a host institution in their home country. The selection criteria listed above also apply to international students. 

Please note that both local and international students may be required to take a TOEFL/IELTS test at their own expense as required by certain partner universities.


Information sessions and Deadlines

  • Information sessions are usually held in September. Students are encouraged to attend these sessions.

  • The application submission deadline is at the end of December.

Where can I go?

Exchange destinations:






University of Adelaide 
University of Sydney University of Technology Sydney 
University of Canberra 
University of South Australia 
Australian National University 
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 
Edith Cowan University 
Flinders University of South Australia 
University of Western Australia 
Curtin University of Technology 
Murdoch University 



University of Victoria 
University of Guelph 
University of British Columbia 
University of Lethbridge, Alberta 
Trent University 
Dalhousie University, Halifax 



South Carelia Polytechnic 
Mikkelli Polytechnic 
Hame Polytechnic 
Espoo-Vantaa Institute of Technology Mercuria Business School 
Tampere University of Technology 
Rovaniemi Polytechnic 
Tampere Polytechnic University 
University of Tampere 



Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences 
Georg-Simon Ohm Fochhochschule Nurnberg 
Aachen University of Applied Sciences 
Fachhochschule Osnabruck 


Hong Kong

University of Hong Kong 
City University of Hong Kong 



Chubu University 
Nanzan University 
Kansai Gaidai University 
Nagasaki University 
Aichi Shukutoku University 

New Zealand

Canterbury University 
Lincoln University, Canterbury 

South Africa

University of Kwazulu-Natal 
University of Venda for Sciences and Technology 



Linkoping Universitet 
Jonkoping International Business School 
Uppsala Universitet 



Berea College, Kentucky 
University of Minnesota 
Gustaphus Adolphus College 
University of Missouri Columbia 



Rouen Graduate School of Management 



Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi 



Prince of Songkhla University 
Wailailak University


United Kingdom

University of Hull 



University College Cork 



University of South Pacific 



University of Van Amsterdam 



University of West Indies 



ESADE University 



University St. Gallen 



University of Sindh, Jamshoro 



Nanyang Technological University 
National University of Singapore 



Tzu Chi University
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies



Facultes Universitaires Saint-Loius, Brussels


I'm interested...What's next?

Step 1: Discussion with Academic Advisor/Program Chairperson/Deputy Dean

  • It would be beneficial to discuss your decision with a relevant academic staff member.

  • You must research your options prior to meeting the staff member and bring the relevant documentation with you.

  • Your Academic Advisor/Program Chairperson/Deputy Dean needs to approve your course selection.

Here are some suggested points for discussion:

  • Which host institution and why?

  • Are the courses you wish to take overseas available in the relevant semester/study period and offered in English?

  • Do you have the pre-requisites to take those courses?

  • Is your overseas program equivalent to a full-time load at USM?

  • Does your planned program enable you to satisfy the requirements of your USM program within the normal time-period?

Step 2 : Completion of the application form

Fill out the application form and don't forget:

  • 2 recent passport size photos, with your name and Student ID number on the back

  • Include certified copies of your transcripts and also any certificates that will support your application

  • Latest proof of financial documents (eg: parentsí/guardiansí bank statement or salary slip)

Step 3 : Selection process

Once you submit your application it will be processed as quickly as possible. If your application is successful, you will be called for an interview.

Once You've Been Approved

Step 1: Interview

  • The interview is meant for the Study Abroad Programme (SAP) and USMís SAP Scholarship.

  • Successful candidates will be contacted.

  • Application form from the partner institution will then be provided and the administrative processes will be explained.

  • An exchange contract will be sent which needs to be completed and return to us as soon as possible.

Step 2 : Completing the partner university's application form

You will need to:

  • Complete the partner university's application quickly and accurately.

  • Return it to our office and the application will be couriered internationally.

  • There may be other attachments required, for example some universities require proof of finance at the application stage and results for IELTS/TEOFL (depending on the universities requirements).

  • We will provide an original copy of your academic transcript for your application.

  • It takes approximately 8-12 weeks for partner universities to respond to applications.

Step 3 : Acceptance Letter from the partner institution

  • Once we receive notification from the partner institution, we will contact you immediately.

  • If the partner university contacts you directly, please advise and provide us with a copy of the acceptance letter.

Note: Once accepted by the partner institution, concurrently, ensure that you:

  • book your flights;

  • confirm your accommodation;

  • organise insurance; and

  • apply for your visa.

Step 4 : Complete the Learning Agreement form

Complete a copy of the Learning Agreement form. Your Academic Advisor/Program Chairperson/Deputy Dean must authorize it so we can facilitate your enrolment and credit transfer purposes upon completion of your exchange period.

Step 5 : Drop Current USM Courses

 Once you have obtained your visa, you are required to fill in the Drop Course Form and submit it to USM International.

Step 6: Attend the Pre-Departure Session

You will be invited to attend a Pre-Departure Session which will be held at least one month before most studentsí departure. You will have the opportunity to meet other  students going to the same institution or country of your choice.


 During your studies abroad

  • If you change your course selection, please email or send a formal letter to your Academic Advisor/Program Chairperson/Deputy Dean for approval. A copy should also be sent to your USM International contact person.

  • Request for a copy of your original academic transcript to be posted to USM International before the end of your exchange programme. Credit transfer will only be done once we have received it from the partner university.

  • If the partner university asks you to attend their Exchange Programme Fairs, kindly participate in promoting USM.

Returning home

  • Write a Returned Student Report comprising commentary of pre-departure preparation, experiences while studying and suggestion to improve this programme.

  • You may be asked to participate in info session to promote the student exchange program to other USM students.


  • Application Form

  • Drop Course Form

  • Learning Agreement Form

  • Academic Registration Record


For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact:

                Study Abroad Officer
                USM International
                Division of Academic and International Affairs
                Universiti Sains Malaysia
                11800 Penang

                Tel: +604Ė653 2778/2771
                Fax: +604Ė653 2781
                E-mail: interel@notes.usm.my
                Web: www.usm.my/usminternational


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