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Study Abroad opportunities allow you to live in a new city, enhance your career prospects, provide the opportunity for personal development, experience a different culture and meet new people without interrupting your studies or your career path.

A study abroad experience is more than an opportunity to study in another country. It is your chance to explore a new landscape, discover another culture, learn more about yourself and all that you are capable of, and make lifelong friends in the process.

You can spend a semester or a whole year at Universiti Sains Malaysia and earn credit towards a degree in your own country.

Selamat Datang to USM!!!

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) operates through three campuses. The main campus is in Penang Island, the Engineering Campus is in Seberang Perai and the Health Campus is in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

The University was established in 1969 and is currently a research intensive university with 24 Schools, 14 Centres and 7 Units. The academic programmes are cross-disciplined that allow students to combine subjects from different schools.

The main campus, well-known as the University in the Garden, is set in luxuriant foliage of trees and kaleidoscope of colourful flowering plants and vegetations. USM has aptly taken the cue from the treasures of its natural surroundings to gain momentum in positioning itself as a research intensive university in the global arena. Like nature which flourishes and survives by optimising each separate ecological entity, USM has built an academic-cum-research ecosystem of excellence by synergizing its academic expertise, solid research environment, managerial aptitude and infrastructural resources into a framework that epitomizes the essence of nature.

At the international level, the University has been identified as one of the Regional Centre of Expertise for Education for Sustainable Development, has for three consecutive terms been elected as representative of Asia in Commonwealth Universities for Study Abroad Consortium (CUSAC) and houses a number of research centres that receives international recognition.

Penang Island, also known as the Pearl of the Orient, needs little introduction to many visitors to Malaysia, having long been known as one of Southeast Asia's finest destinations. Penang's outstanding beaches and exotic sights have made it one of the most popular destinations in the region.

Offering a multitude of fascinating attractions, your stay in Penang will leave you with many memorable moments. Apart from just Penang, Malaysia is endowed with luxuriant rainforests, clear blue seas and marine parks filled with a wealth of plant and animal life unique to this part of the world.

Experience Malaysia!!!

Programmes for you to enjoy!

i. Study Abroad Scheme

ii. Short-term / Tailor-Made Programme

  • Tropical Field School Programme

  • PSU English Summer Programmes

  • NFU Malaysian Study Programme.

  • Intensive English Programme

  • YNU Sustainable Education Exposure Programme

  • City University of Hong Kong

  • Ritsumeikan Study Tour

Student Exchange Programme

Hundreds of exchange students from our partner institutions come to study courses conducted in English at USM each year. Most of them stay from July to November or December to April or the whole academic year.

Student exchange is an exciting way to see the world, to get to know what happens outside your everyday life, and to broaden your perspectives. At USM you will definitely get to experience the Malaysia Truly Asia ambience in a traditional yet modern Asian society. You will get to know a lot more - about Malaysians while studying and living in a glocal environment!

The student exchange programme is based on agreements between USM and its partner institutions. Therefore, if you are interested in coming to USM as an exchange student, please contact the relevant office of your home institution for further information. Your home institution’s exchange office will determine your eligibility.


Non-Exchange Programme

Non-Exchange Programme is offered to the interested individuals to experience one or two semesters by taking courses in USM. Students who are interested to do research attachment with any faculty members of USM are also welcomed.

The tuition fee structure for one semester of study is as listed: 

  • Fees for Non-Exchange Programme

  • Fees for Research Attachment



What you need to know?

Application Deadline

  • Semester 1 – Mid April

  • Semester 2 – Mid September

Semester Dates

  • Semester 1 - July till November

  • Semester 2 - December till April the following year

Study Areas

Support Services

  • USM International
    The USM International is responsible for the management of the student exchange and non-exchange programme.

    Please contact the staff of USM International for any matters related to the administrative aspect of your stay in USM. Other services include visa formalities, electronic mail access and international student activities.

  • Airport Reception
    International students will be greeted and welcomed by Student Assistants (local students) upon their arrival at the Penang International Airport.

  • Orientation Programme
    An Orientation Programme is conducted by USM International each semester, including familiarization tour of Penang Island.

  • Wellness Centre
    The Wellness Centre provides outpatient consultations and minor medical care for staff and students of the University. For consultation please contact the registration desk at the Centre.

  • Security
    USM is a safe and friendly campus but students are advised to exercise caution within the campus and especially outside the campus. The University has security personnel who are on duty round the clock. For any assistance regarding security and safety matters, please refer to the Security Post located at various entrances to the University.

  • Library facilities
    USM has excellent library facilities for students. The library has great access to online journals and reference materials that are updated and useful for studies.


Tuition Fee

The tuition fee structure for one semester of study is as listed: 

  • Fees for Non-Exchange Programme

  • Fees for Research Attachment

Living Costs

Living costs (not inclusive of accommodation) is estimated USD 750 per month with the following breakdown:

Items Estimated Costs (USD) / month
Food 400.00
Books/magazines 50.00
Local Travel 150.00
Clothing 50.00
Hobbies, leisure 100.00
Total 750.00


i. On-Campus Accommodation

There is no better way to be a part of the University life than to live within the University grounds. On-campus accommodation is provided for interested students. USM encourages international students to stay on campus for a more enriching cultural assimilation and experience. Placements are based on a first-come-first-served basis.

On-campus accommodation fee ranges from USD 150 to USD 250 per person. Rooms are only available on a twin-sharing basis.

ii. Off Campus Accommodation

Information on private residences for rent is available through the Students Affairs and Development Division and the local newspapers. Nearly all accommodation is made-up of three bedrooms and the master bedroom usually has attached bathroom. Rental for off campus accommodation ranges from USD 450 to USD 700 per month, depending on location, facilities and furnishing.



I'm interested...What's next?

Application Form               

Students should submit their application form through the International Office of their respective universities. Download Application Form.



For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact:

                Study Abroad Officer
                USM International
                Division of Academic and International Affairs
                Universiti Sains Malaysia
                11800 Penang

                Tel: +604–653 2778/2771
                Fax: +604–653 2781
                E-mail: interel@notes.usm.my
                Web: www.usm.my/usminternational

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