Student Representative Council, Universiti Sains Malaysia (MPPUSM) has successfully organized National Research & Innovation Competition since 2007 until 2010. In 2010/2011 session, the Student Representative Council will be continuing this project as an annual event that aims to give recognition for final year students of the first degree from public and private institutions towards their best results of the research project ideas. These efforts will also be highlighted by the participation from universities abroad, especially from the Asean countries such as the National University of Singapore last year. In addition, this competition also seen as one way for Student Representative Council to strengthen the cooperation between Malaysia and Asia universities.

The competition to be held the fifth times still stresses on its original purpose that is providing useful input to the students about the importance of research and innovation for the country's human capital development. This project will encourage healthy competition among the students of higher learning institutions to perform excellently on their final year project and research. Through this program, students can discover new things, especially in the fields of science and technology and also in art and literature generally. Besides being a meeting point for young scientists to exchange ideas and share experiences, it also enhances the interest in research and innovation among students. 

The competition, which was successfully implemented in previous councils has been able to prove that MPPUSM achieve the goal of organizing a competition for student’s research and innovation at the national level with the participation from all institutions of higher learning. The organization of this competition is to showcase the identity of USM as a research university. Thus, MPPUSM wish to continue this National Research and Innovation Competition to support the government's desire for the realization of progressive and successful 1Malaysia. 


The objectives of this program are to:

  • Supporting government aims and aspirations to drive national development through an emphasis on continuing research and development in science and technology.

  • Maintaining value of sustainability in each of the study to ensure future sustainability.

  • To give recognition on innovative research projects conducted by undergraduate and diploma students from the university.

  • To expose inventions and innovations that was achieved through research and development activities by students in Malaysia and the international institutions of higher learning.

  • Encourage students toward research and innovation will encourage them to develop their own career opportunities.



    June 21,  2011 (Tuesday)

    10.00 am              : Accommodation registration

    2.00 pm                : Booth setup

    5.00 pm                : Tea break & Event briefing

    8.30 pm                : Booth setup continue



    June, 22  2011 (Wednesday)


      7.00 am                : Breakfast

      8.00 am                : Booth Opened -  Agencies and Participants

      1.00 pm                : Lunch 

      2.00 pm                : Booth opened for public

      5.00 pm                : Exhibition Closed

      6.30 pm                :Dinner

      8.00 pm                : Opening Ceremony

    10.30 pm                : Booth visit-  VVIP, VIP and Press

    11.00 pm                : Press Conference

    12.00 am                : Exhibition closed



     June 23,  2011 (Thursday)

    7.00 am                : Breakfast

    8.00 am                : Booth opened  -Agencies and Participants

    9.00 am                : Adjudication session

    1.00 pm                : Lunch 

    2.00 pm                : Booth opened for public

    3.00 pm                : Talk by Motorola

    5.00 pm                : Adjudication session end & Exhibition Closed

    6.30 pm                : Dinner

    8.00 pm                : Social visit (Padang Kota)


     June 24,  2011 (Friday)


    7.00 am                : Breakfast

    8.00 am                : Booth Opened  -Agencies and Participant

    9.00 am                : Adjudication session

    12.30 pm              : Lunch  & Adjudication session end

    3.00 pm                : Booth opened  for public & Talk by Intellectual Property                                                               by En. Khairul Annuar, Senior IP advisor USM

    5.00 pm                : Exhibition Closed

    6.30 pm                : Dinner

    8.00 pm                : Social visit (Night Market Batu Feringghi)


    June 25,  2011 (Saturday) Community Research and Innovation Competition (CoRIC)

    7.00  am               : Breakfast

    8.00 am                : Registration for CoRIC participants

    9.00 am                : CoRIC presentation begin

    10.30 am              : Tea break

    11.00 am              : CoRIC presentation continue

    1.00 pm                : Lunch 

    2.00 pm                : CoRIC presentation continue

    3.00 pm                : CoRIC presentation end

    6.00 pm                : Dinner

    8.00 pm                : Award ceremony

    10.00 pm              : Press conference

                                   Photography session


    June 26,  2011 (Sunday)

    8.00 am                : Check out & booth set down

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