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  Vol. 10(2), 2014
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     A Study on Dividend Determinants for Korea's Information Technology Firms
        Sungsin Kim and Ji-Yong Seo

     Inflation and The Subsequent Timing of The Chinese Stock Market
        Hui Hong, Fergal O'Brien and James Ryan

     External Balance and Budget in Malaysia
        Wong Hock Tsen

     Financial Constraints, Debt Overhang and Corporate Investment:
            A Panel Smooth Transition Regression Approach

        Rashid Ameer

     How Does Group Affiliation Affect The Diversification Performance of
            Family-Controlled Firms in Malaysia? – A Governance Perspective

        Ng Sin Huei

     The Determinants of Equity Based Compensation: A Bidimensional
            Validity of The Agency Theory

        Bouras Mehdi and Gallali Mohamed Imen

     Perceived Environmental Factors and The Intention to Adopt
            a Standard Business Reporting Facility: A Survey of Australian Corporate CFOs

        Saiful Azam