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  Vol. 12(1), 2016
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     Does Competition Foster Efficiency? Empirical Evidence from Malaysian Commercial Banks
        Rossazana Ab Rahim

     Evaluation of Performance of Malaysian Banks in Risk Adjusted Return on Capital (RAROC)
            and Economic Value Added (EVA) Framework

        Asish Saha, Nor Hayati Ahmad and Siew Goh Yeok

     Regional and International Linkages of the ASEAN-5 Stock Markets: A Multivariate
            Garch Approach

        Stan Shun-Pinn Lee and Kim-Leng Goh

     Interaction between Incentive to Expropriate and Investment Opportunities as a
            Determinant of Overinvestment Problem In Indonesia

        Stan Cynthia A. Utama and Sidharta Utama

     Diversification in Crude Oil and Other Commodities: A Comparative Analysis
        Ahmad Monir Abdullah and Abul Mansur Mohammed Masih

     Financial Information Quality and Investment Efficiency: Evidence from Malaysia
        Seyed Sajad Ebrahimi Rad, Zaini Embong, Norman Mohd-Saleh and Romlah Jaffar

     Effect of Managerial Overconfidence and Compensation on Share Repurchase:
            Empirical Evidence from Taiwanese Firms

        Tzu-Yu Liu, Li-Lun Liu and John Francis Diaz