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  Vol. 12(Supp.), 2016
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     Debt Maturity, Underinvestment Problem and Corporate Value
        Karren Lee-Hwei Khaw and Benjie Chien Jiang Lee

     Stock Market Liberalisation and Cost of Equity: Firm-Level Evidence from Malaysia
        Swee-Sim Foong and Kian-Ping Lim

     The Roles of Investor Sentiment in Malaysian Stock Market
        Jasman Tuyon, Zamri Ahmad and Hylmee Matahir

     The Value of Governance Variables in Predicting Financial Distress Among Small and
            Medium-Sized Enterprises in Malaysia

        Nur Adiana Hiau Abdullah, Muhammad M. Ma'aji and Karren Lee-Hwei Khaw

     Effective Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting in Japan
        Khondaker Mizanur Rahman and Marc Bremer

     Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions (CBMAs): A Review on Top Six ASEAN Country CBMA Players
        Nurhazrina Mat Rahim and Ruhani Ali

     Alteration of Risk in Asian Bond Markets during and after Mortgage Crisis:
            Evidence from Value at Risk (VaR) Analysis

        Samet G√ľnay

     A Note about the Finance Journal Rankings and Citation Counts
        Luh-Yu (Louie) Ren