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  Vol. 13(2), 2017
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     Bank Risk Taking Behaviour in Malaysia: Role of Board and Ownership Structure
Linda Loh and Chan Sok-Gee

     New Perspective on the ‘Net Errors and Omissions’ in Balance of Payment Accounts:
            An Empirical Study in Australia

Tang Tuck Cheong

     Framing of Climate Change Impacts and Use of Management Accounting Practices
Jayanthi Kumarasiri and Christine Jubb

     Dividend Capture on the Ex-Dividend Day: Evidence from Vietnamese Stock Market
Quoc Trung Tran

     Does Hot Money Impact on Stock and Exchange Rate Markets on China?
Lee Yen-Hsien, Huang Ya-Ling and Chen Tsu-Hui

     Socially Responsible Investment, Internal Financing Sources and Access to
            Bank Financing: Evidence from Indian Survey Data

Amarjit Gill, Harvinder S. Mand, Afshin Amiraslany and Neil Mathur

     Corporate Governance, Institutional Characteristics and Director Networks in Malaysia
Mohd Faizal Jamaludin and Fathyah Hashim