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  Vol. 4(1), 2008

    Do Macroeconomic Structural Changes Occur in China's Stock Markets?
       Jen Sin Lee, Shyan-Rong Chou, Gow-Liang Huang and Chin-Tai Kuo

    Performance of Syariah and Composite Indices: Evidence from Bursa Malaysia
       Mohamed Albaity and Rubi Ahmad

    Determinants of Implied Volatility Function on the Nifty Index Options Market: Evidence from India
       Sanjay Sehgal and N. Vijayakumar

    Dividends and Expropriation in Hong Kong
       Janice C. Y. How, Peter Verhoeven and Cici L. Wu

    Does Financial Structure Matter in Determining the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy?
       A Comparison Between Civil-Law and Common-Law Countries

       Zukarnain Zakaria