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  Vol. 4(2), 2008

    Longer Tenure, Greater Seniority, or Both? Evidence from Open-End Equity Mutual Fund
       Managers in Taiwan
       Jen-Sin Lee, Pi-Hsia Yen and Ying-Jen Chen

    Economic Value Added (EVA®) and Sector Returns
       Nuttawat Visaltanachoti, Robin Luo and Yi Yi

    The Impact of Derivatives on Stock Market Volatility: A Study of the Nifty Index
       T. Mallikarjunappa and Afsal E. M.

    Corporate Governance and Institutional Investors: Evidence from Malaysia
       Effiezal Aswadi Abdul Wahab, Janice How and Peter Verhoeven

    Determinants of Bank Profitability in a Developing Economy: Empirical Evidence from
       the Philipinnes
       Fadzlan Sufian and Royfaizal Razali Chong