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  Vol. 5(1), 2009

    Ownership Structure and Intellectual Capital Performance in Malaysia
       Norman Mohd Salleh, Mara Ridhuan Che Abdul Rahman and Mohamat Sabri Hassan

    The Behavior of Price Multiples in India (1990-2007)
       Sanjay Sehgal and Asheesh Pandey

    The Impact of Minority Shareholder Watchdog Group Activism on the Targeted Firms'
       Performance in Malaysia
       Rashid Ameer and Rashidah Abdul Rahman

    Long-Run Relationship and Dynamic Interactions between Housing and Stock Prices in
       Mansor H. Ibrahim, Jaharudin Padli and A. H. Baharom

    Tax-and-Spend or Spend-and-Tax? Empirical Evidence from Malaysia
       Tan Juat Hong

    Granting Employee Stock Options (ESOs), Market Reaction and Financial Performance
       Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha, Sharifah Raihan Syed Mohd Zain, Mohd Eskandar Shah Mohd Rasid
           and Azhar Mohamad