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  Vol. 6(1), 2010

    The Monetary Policy Reaction Function: Evidence from Asean-3
       Pei-Tha, Gan and Kian-Teng, Kwek

    Measuring the Cost of Equity of Emerging Market Firms: The Case of Malaysia
       Swee-Sim, Foong and Kim-Leng, Goh

    Three-Factor CAPM Risk Exposures: Some Evidence from Malaysian Commercial Banks
       Aisyah Abdul Rahman

    The Effects of the Asian Financial Crisis on Accounting Conservatism in Indonesia
       Dezie L. Warganegara and Vina Vionita

    Equity Valuation Using Price Multiples: Evidence from India
       Sanjay Sehgal and Asheesh Pandey

    Do Malaysian Investors' Judgement Exhibit Reference Dependence?
       Toh Guat Guan and Zamri Ahmad