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  Vol. 7(1), 2011

     Audit Fees in Malaysia: Does Corporate Governance Matter?
       Effiezal Aswadi Abdul Wahab, Mazlina Mat Zain and Kieran James

     Assesing the Effects of Self-Efficacy and Task Complexity on Internal Contral Audit Judgement
       Takiah Mohd Iskandar and Zuraidah Mohd Sanusi

     Linkages between the U.S. and Asia-Pacific Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Markets:
           Evidence from the 2007-2008 Global Financial Crisis

       Bum Suk Kim

     Underpricing and Board Structures: An Investigation of Malaysian Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
       Puan Yatim

     Japan-U.S. Real Exchange Rate Behaviour: Evidence from Linear and Non-Linear Endogenous
           Break Tests

       Chan Tze-Haw, Chong Lee-Lee and Hooy Chee-Wooi

     Multi Mean Garch Approach to Evaluating Hedging Performance in the Crude Palm Oil Futures Market
       Rozaimah Zainudin and Roselee Shah Shaharudin