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  Vol. 9(2), 2013
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     The Effect of Underinvestment on the Relationship between Earnings Management
            and Information Asymmetry

        Aulia Fuad Rahman, Mohamat Sabri Hassan, Norman Mohd Saleh and Zaleha Abdul Shukor

     CEO Succession and Firm Performance: Evidence from Publicly Listed Malaysian Firms
        Rokiah Ishak, Ku Nor Izah Ku Ismail and Shamsul Nahar Abdullah

     Does IFRIC 15 Matter? The Decision Usefulness of Accelerated Revenue and Earnings Recognition
        Lau Chee Kwong

     The Global Financial Crisis and The Integration of Islamic Stock Markets in Developed and
            Developing Countries

        Salina H. Kassim

     Impact of Information Technology on The Performance of Tunisian Banks:
            A Stochastic Frontier Analysis with Panel Data

        Syrine Ben Romdhane

     Effectiveness of Classic Versions of Options Pricing Models in Recent Waves of Financial Upheavals
        Vipul Kumar Singh, Naseem Ahmad

     Forecasting Malaysian Ringgit: Before and After The Global Crisis
        Chan Tze-Haw, Lye Chun Teck, Hooy Chee-Wooi