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The National Research and Innovation Competition 2008 has already been organized successfully by the Student Representative Council of Universiti Sains Malaysia (MPPUSM) in the previous 2007/2008 academic session. For the present 2008/2009 session, the Student Representative Council will continue organizing this project as an annual event. Besides giving recognition to the best final year project by final year undergraduate students from IPTA and IPTS, this project is also seen as a way for the Student Representative Council to create and consolidate the networking among universities.

This third year competition will continue to focus on the main objective which is to provide valuable input for students on the importance of research and innovation for the nation’s development of human capital. It encourages students to compete among themselves and thus, put their best effort for their research project. Through a program like this, new discoveries can be found especially in the field of Science and Technology as well as literature and art in general. Besides becoming the platform for the young scientists to meet and share their opinions and experiences, this program also manures student’s interest in taking part in research and innovation activities.

Based on the previous competition that was successfully held on the previous session, it has been proven that the Student Representative Council of Universiti Sains Malaysia has achieved the target of organizing a national convention on research and innovation  involving students from all the institutions all over the country. The organising of a program like this reflects the identity of USM as a research university. Thus, Student Representative Council of Universiti Sains Malaysia wishes to continue to organize the National Research and Innovation Competition as a way to support the government’s aspiration to realize the Wawasan 2020 and bring about a developed and successful Malaysia.



The objectives of this program are:

    • To brand the Universiti Sains Malaysia as a research university
    • To support the government’s ambition to spur the nation’s development of country through the emphasis of research and developement activities in science and technology
    • To give recognition to the research and innovation projects done by final                              year undergraduate and diploma students
    • To exhibit the products, result and innovation successfully achieved through the research and developement activities done by students of higher learning institutions from all over Malaysia as well as other countries;
    • To encourage students to do research and innovation and consequently encourage them to create their own job opportunities.


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