Novel Research & innovation Competition

We are dedicated in ensuring the happening of one of the biggest event in USM. NRIC is inspired by the Blue-Ocean concept to pioneer in orgarnising an innovative and research based competition for final-year students.

This annual competition provides a platform for quality projects and ideas to compete from a national level to an international level today, with participation of universities from National University of Singapore, King Mongkut University, Jeffri Bolkiah College and more. Winners from USM are entitled to represent the university to participate in various international competitions, for example the yearly British Invention Show (BIS) to fame the good name of the university and the nation. It is endorsed by our Prime Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

The categories that are competed such as Life Science, Engineering & Technology, Health & Medical Science, Social Tranformation & Creative Arts, Information Technology & Communication as well as Fundamental Science. An additional category has been started since 2011, the Community Research & Innovation Competition (CoRIC) is a viva-type competition, in which participants only present their creative ideas that are beneficial to all mankinds. It is to develop collaboration between research and technology, and encourage students to come up with innovative ideas able to be commercialised for industry and society.

Apart from awarding gold, silver and bronze medals for the winners, the organiser also provide a few titles to be won. Among are "NRIC Best Award", "Moto-Invention Award" (sponsored by Motorola Solutions), and "Sustainable Green Technology Award". The top three winners, together with the mentioned awards winners will receive cash prizes as well. All participants will receive certificates of acknowledgment, and a booth for each university to display the competing projects. The three-day exhibition is open for public, ranging from school students to professional personnel.

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