Desasiswa Restu
Blok M07, Desasiswa Restu,
11800 Universiti Sains Malaysia,
Pulau Pinang

No tel : 04-6534465
Faks   : 04-6579966
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The University Hostel/Students' Residence

Universiti Sains Malaysia has eight hostels/students' residences at The Main Campus, two at the Engineering Campus in Nibong Tebal and one at the Health Campus in Kubang Kerian.

The following are names of those hostels:

Main Campus
Desasiswa Aman Damai
Desasiswa Bakti Permai
Desasiswa Cahaya Gemilang
Desasiswa Fajar Harapan
Desasiswa Indah Kembara
Desasiswa Restu
Desasiswa Saujana
Desasiswa Tekun

Engineering Campus, Nibong Tebal
Desasiswa Jaya
Desasiswa Lembaran

Health Campus, Kubang Kerian
Desasiswa Murni Nurani

The hostel management is led by Resident Officer (Penggawa). He/she is assisted by two Assistant Resident Officers and a Fellow in handling academic, welfare, activities and discipline affairs as well as providing the resident students proper assistance. These officers can be reached at respective residence offices.
In addition, daily administration affair of the residences is handled by an Assistant Residence Manager who is responsible to the Resident Officer. He/she is assisted by Administrative Assistant, Junior Administrative Assistant and a few general workers.

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