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[Vol. 24, No.1&2, 2006]


Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

:: Volume 24, No. 1&2, 2006

Media in Malaysia Aspirations, Choices and Realities
Guest Editors: Ramli Mohamed and Adnan Hussein

Title: The Media in Malaysia: Aspirations, Choices and Realities
Author: Ramli Mohamed and Adnan Hussein
Source: Kajian Malaysia 24(1&2): 1-7, 2006
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Title: Perceptions on the Relationship between Public Relations Practitioners and Journalists
Author: Kiranjit Kaur and Halimahton Shaari
Source: Kajian Malaysia 24(1&2): 9-32, 2006
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Title: The Advertising-Value-Equivalent (AVE) Method in Quantifying Economic Values of Public Relations Activities: Experience of a Public-Listed Company in Malaysia
Author: Chang Peng Kee and Musa Abu Hassan
Source: Kajian Malaysia 24(1&2): 33-54, 2006
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Title: Professionalism and Ethics: Is the Tobacco Industry Damaging the Health of the Public Relations Profession?
Author: Khor Yoke Lim and Adnan Hussien
Source: Kajian Malaysia 24(1&2): 55-71, 2006
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Title: Engaging and Applying New Communication Technology: A Case Study of the Usage Internet as a Search Practice among Bernama Journalists
Author: Ramli Mohamed and Aini Hayati Khalib
Source: Kajian Malaysia 24(1&2): 73-96, 2006
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Title: The Effects of Culture on Knowledge Management Practice: A Qualitative Case Study of MSC Status Companies
Author: Gerald Goh Guan Gan, Charmaine Ryan and Raj Gururajan
Source: Kajian Malaysia 24(1&2): 97-128, 2006
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Title: Media Baru and Wacana Sains: Isu Pengklonan melalui Blog dan Akhbar di Malaysia
(New Media and Science Discourse: Cloning Issue through Weblogs and Press in Malaysia)
Author: Adnan Hussien, Hamidah Abd. Hamid and Siti Hajar Abd. Aziz
Source: Kajian Malaysia 24(1&2): 129-150, 2006
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Title: Telling Tales, Print and the Extension of Media: Malay Media Studies Beginning with Abdullah Munsyi through Syed Shaykh Al-Hady and Mahathir Mohamad
Author: Ahmad Murad Merican
Source: Kajian Malaysia 24(1&2): 151-169, 2006
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Title: Relationship of Exposure to Public Affairs News with Cognitive, Attitudinal and Behavioural Dimensions of Ethnic Tolerance among Malaysian Youths
Author: Ezhar Tamam, Wendy Yee Mei Tien, Fazilah Idris and Azimi Hamzah
Source: Kajian Malaysia 24(1&2): 171-184, 2006
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Title: Covering Race and Religion: The Moorthy and Nyonya Tahir Cases in Four Malaysian Newspaper
Author: Halimahton Shaari, Ngu Teck Hua and V. Raman
Source: Kajian Malaysia 24(1&2): 185-201, 2006
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Title: Penggunaan Komputer dalam Pengajaran-Pembelajaran dalam kalangan Guru Sekolah Menengah: Satu Kajian Kes di Pulau Pinang
(Computer Usage in Teaching and Learning among Secondary School Teachers: A Case Study in Penang)
Author: Abdul Wahab Ismail Gani, Kamaliah Hj. Siarap and Hasrina Mustafa
Source: Kajian Malaysia 24(1&2): 203-225, 2006
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