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[Vol. 40, No. 1, 2022]































.: Book Review :.

Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

:: Current Issue

Volume 40, No. 1, 2022

Title: Growing Up with Ghosts: Dynamics of Re-Memory and Trauma in a Malaysian Filial Memoir
Author: Raihanah M. M. and Mohd Muzhafar Idrus
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Title: A Case Study of Malaysian Teachers’ Practice of Play-Based Learning in Preschool
Author: San Li Kheioh and Hui Min Low
  Full Text  

Title: Self-Rehabilitation through Dance: An Ethnographic Study on Candy Girls Breast Cancer Survivor Group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Author: Premalatha Thiagarajan and Mohammad Khairi Mokthar
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Title: Unilateral Conversion of Minors to Islam: Legal Discourse and Muslim Converts’ Narrative on Custody and Religious Rights in Malaysia
Author: Azlan Shah Nabees Khan and Mohd Al Adib Samuri
  Full Text  

Title: A Discourse on the Malay Cultural Identity within the Malaysian Society
Author: Khalidah Khalid Ali
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Title: Rethinking Visions of "Unity" and "Belonging": Insights into Audience Responses towards Popular Music of Malaysia’s Indigenous Ethnic Communities - A Case of Iban Pop Song
Author: Collin Jerome, Ting Su-Hie and Esther John Perry
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Title: Mualaf Di Malaysia: Isu dan Penyelesaian Pentadbiran oleh Majlis Agama Islam Selangor
Mualaf In Malaysia: Issues and Administrative Solutions by Selangor Islamic Religious Council
Author: Sharifah Hayaati Syed Ismail al-Qudsy and Nurhidayah Mohamed Hamidi
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Title: Faktor Kemudahterancaman Multidimensi Bagi Kumpulan B40 di Wilayah Kelantan Selatan
Multidimensional Vulnerability Factors of B40 Group in Southern Region of Kelantan
Author: Nor Zuriati Amani Ab Rani, Rospidah Ghazali and Mohd Khairi Ismail
  Full Text  

Title: Ayam Sebagai Rujukan Makna Inkuisitif Berhati-Hati, Sia-Sia dan Khianat dalam Peribahasa Melayu
Chicken as Inquisitive Meaning Reference for Carefulness, Uselessness and Betrayal in Malay Proverbs
Author: Muhammad Zaid Daud and Mary Fatimah Subet
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Title: Nilai-nilai Murni dalam Cerita Lagenda di Lembangan Sungai Pengkalan Datu, Kelantan
Values in Legendary Story Collected at Lembangan Sungai Pengkalan Datu, Kelantan
Author: Mohd Firdaus Che Yaacob
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Book Review

Title: The Xaverian Journey: The Story of a Lasallian School in Penang, Malaysia 1787–2019, by Francis Loh Kok Wah, Cecilia Ng and Anthony Rogers. Pulau Pinang: Southbound Sdn. Bhd., 2019, 173 pp.
  Tan Chee Seng
  Full Text  

Title: China in Malaysia: State-Business Relations and the New Order of Investment Flows by Edmund Terence Gomez, Siew Yean Tham, Ran Li and Kee Cheok Cheong. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, 116 pp.
  Chin Yee Whah
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