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[Vol. 28, No.1, 2010]


.: Book Review :.
Emerging Governance and Economic Issues in the Construction Industry in Malaysia by Omar Osman
Energy and Ecology - A View of Malaysia Beyond 2020 by Hugh Byrd
Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

:: Volume 28, No. 1, 2010

Title: Lessons in Engagement from a Malay Classic: The Translation of Syair Siti Zubaidah Perang China
Author: Lalita Sinha
Source: Kajian Malaysia 28(1): 1-19, 2010
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Title: Malaysia's Post-9/11 Security Strategy: Winning "Hearts and Minds" or Legitimising the Political Status Quo?
Author: Andrew Humphreys
Source: Kajian Malaysia 28(1): 21-52, 2010
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Title: The Impact of Global Warming on Storms and Storm Preparedness in Southeast Asia
Author: Chang Chew-Hung
Source: Kajian Malaysia 28(1): 53-82, 2010
  Full Text  

Title: Islamic Elements in Traditional Indonesian and Malay Theatre
Author: Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof
Source: Kajian Malaysia 28(1): 83-101, 2010
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Title: Using a Geographic Information System (GIS) in Evaluating the Accessibility of Health Facilities for Breast Cancer Patients in Penang State, Malaysia
Authors: Narimah Samat, Dina Jambi, Norul Shahira Musa, Aishah Knight Abd. Shatar, Azizah Ab Manan and Yasmin Sulaiman
Source: Kajian Malaysia 28(1): 103-122, 2010
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Book Review

Title: Bustan al-Salatin: A Malay Mirror for Rulers edited by Jelani Harun, Pulau Pinang: Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia, 2009, 352 pp.

Title: Old v New Politics in Malaysia: State and Society in Transition edited by Francis Loh Kok Wah, Petaling Jaya: SIRD and Penang: Aliran Kesedaran Negara, 2009, 316 pp.
  Wong Chin Huat