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[Vol. 29, No.1, 2011]




.: Book Review :.
Emerging Governance and Economic Issues in the Construction Industry in Malaysia by Omar Osman
Energy and Ecology - A View of Malaysia Beyond 2020 by Hugh Byrd
Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

:: Volume 29, No.1, 2011

Title: Hubungan Etnik di Malaysia Dari Perspektif Islam
Author: Nazri Muslim, Nik Yusri Musa and Ahmad Hidayat Buang
  Full Text  

Title: Kelas Menengah, UMNO dan Intelligensia: Tentangan Dominasi Politik Bumiputera Islam di Sarawak
(Middle Class, UMNO and Intelligentsia: Contesting the Muslim Bumiputera’s Political Domination in Sarawak)
Author: Faisal S. Hazis
  Full Text  

Title: The Socioeconomic History of Orang Kanaq of Johor
Author: Mahani Musa
  Full Text  

Title: Between Desire and Hope: Ethnic Relations and the Notion of Bangsa Malaysia in Gadoh
Author: Mahyuddin Ahmad
  Full Text  

Title: The Limits of Civil Society in Democratizing the State: The Malaysian Case
Author: Azeem Fazwan Ahmad Farouk
  Full Text  

Book Review

Title: 120 Malay Movies by Amir Muhammad, Vinlin, 2010.
  Soon Chuan Yean

Title: Malaysia's Foreign Policy: The First Fifty Years: Alignment, Neutralism, Islamism by Johan Saravanamuttu, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2010
  Benny Teh Cheng Guan