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[Vol. 33, Supp. 2, 2015]




Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

:: Past Issue

Volume 33, Supp. 2, 2015 (Special Issue)


Guest Editor: Abu Talib Ahmad
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Title: Editor's Introduction
Author: Abu Talib Ahmad
  EPUB         Full Text  

Title: The Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia: Historical Heritage and National Identity
Author: Abdul Rahman Haji Ismail
  EPUB         Full Text  

Title: Disparate Identities: Penang from a Historical Perspective, 1780–1941
Author: Ooi Keat Gin
  EPUB         Full Text  

Title: The Memory of the World Register: The Sultan Abdul Hamid Correspondence and Kedah History
Author: Mahani Musa
  EPUB         Full Text  

Title: Pondok Education in Seberang Perai: Its Evolution and Uniqueness
Author: Jasni Sulong
  EPUB         Full Text  

Title: Bahasa Tanjong: The Heritage Language of the Jawi Peranakans of Penang
Author: Hajar Abdul Rahim
  EPUB         Full Text  

Title: Traditional Malay Pottery of Kuala Kangsar: Its History and Development
Author: Azmi Ariffin
  EPUB         Full Text  

Title: Penang Chinese Customs and Traditions
Author: Goh Sang Seong
  EPUB         Full Text  

Title: Penang Museums, Culture and History
Author: Abu Talib Ahmad
  EPUB         Full Text  

Title: Farmers' Almanac and Traditional Wisdom: Rice Cultivation in the Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia
Author: Rahimah Abdul Hamid
  EPUB         Full Text