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[Vol. 34, No. 1, 2016]


















.: Book Review :.

Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

:: Past Issue

Volume 34, No. 1, 2016
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Title: Language, Mass Media, and Democracy: The Debate over "Kalimah Allah" in The Malaysian Print and Online Media
Author: Eva Eichenauer
  EPUB         Full Text  

Title: Global Habitus: Collectivist and Individualist Values in Cultural Capital among Chinese Malaysian Youth
Author: Rachel Chan Suet Kay, Juli Edo and Rosila Bee Hussain
  EPUB         Full Text  

Title: Policing and Protecting Women: Some Aspects of Malay-Islamic Law-Making Under British Colonialism
Author: Maznah Mohamad
  EPUB         Full Text  

Title: Why Emotion at Work Matters: Examining The Influence of Emotional Labour and Emotional Intelligence on Workplace Behaviours among Service Workers in East Malaysia
Author: Magdalene Ang Chooi Hwa and Hanudin Amin
  EPUB         Full Text  

Title: Punk dan Budaya Penentangan: Kajian Kes Rumah Api, Kuala Lumpur
Author: Sharifah Nursyahidah Syed Annuar, Muhamad Takiyuddin Ismail & Muhammad Febriansyah
  EPUB         Full Text  

Book Review

Title: Templer and the Road to Malayan Independence: The Man and His Time, by Leon Comber, Singapore: ISEAS, 2015, 239 pp.
  Abu Talib Ahmad
  EPUB         Full Text