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.: Book Review :.

Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

:: Past Issue

Volume 36, No. 2, 2018

Title: Precarious Intellectuals: The Freelance Academic in Malaysian Higher Education
Author: Alicia Izharuddin
  Full Text  

Title: Do Be Malay(sian): 8TV'S Fantasy and the Malay Other
Author: Luqman Lee
  Full Text  

Title: Urban Poverty Alleviation Strategies from Multi-dimensional and Multi-ethnic Perspectives: Evidences from Malaysia
Author: Khoo Suet Leng, Mohamad Shaharudin Samsurijan, Parthiban S. Gopal, Nor Malina Malek and Zahri Hamat
  Full Text  

Title: Probation Officers and the Experience of Juvenile Offenders in the Juvenile System
Author: Taufik Mohammad and Azlinda Azman
  Full Text  

Title: Federalisme dan Pengurusan Pendidikan Islam di Kelantan
Federalism and Management of Islamic Education in Kelantan
Author: Azmil Mohd Tayeb and Sharifah Nursyahidah Syed Annuar
  Full Text  

Title: Asal-Usul Perjuangan Masyarakat Sivil Cina di Malaya Tentang Persoalan Perlembagaan Kemerdekaan Terutamanya Persoalan Jus Soli
The Genesis of Malayan Chinese Civil Society's Struggle for Constitutional Equality in Particular Jus Soli
Author: Helen Mu Hung Ting and Chang Yee Siew
  Full Text  

Research Note

Title: Penang's Hajj Heritage: An Oral History of the Sea Transportation Era
Author: Mahani Musa, Aiza Maslan and Hajar Abdul Rahim
  Full Text  

Book Review

Title: Becoming Arab: Creole Histories and Modern Identity in the Malay World, by Sumit K. Mandal
  Rusaslina Idrus
  Full Text  

Title: The State, Ulama and Islam in Malaysia and Indonesia, by Norshahril Saat
  Azmil Mohd Tayeb
  Full Text  

Title: Cosmopolitan Intimacies: Malay Film Music of the Independence Era, by Adil Johan
  Ahmad Fuad Rahmat
  Full Text  

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