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[Vol. 38, Supp. 1, 2020]























Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

:: Past Issue

Volume 38, Supp. 1, 2020 (Special Issue)

P.S the Women: Discoursing Gender in Sustainable Development

Guest Editors: Sharifah Zahhura Syed Abdullah, Zaireeni Azmi & Noraida Endut

Title: Editors’ Introduction
Author: Sharifah Zahhura Syed Abdullah, Zaireeni Azmi & Noraida Endut
  Full Text  

Title: “Bargaining with Patriarchy” and Entrepreneurship: Narratives of Malay Muslim Women Entrepreneurs in Malaysia
Author: Nor Hafizah Selamat & Noraida Endut
  Full Text  

Title: Work-Life Balance for Sustainable Development in Malaysian Higher Education Institutions: Fad or Fact?
Author: Magdalene Ang Chooi Hwa
  Full Text  

Title: Educationally Successful Female Muslim Students in Present-Day Malaysia: Challenges, Chances and Change
Author: Simon Moses Schleimer
  Full Text  

Title: Discoursing Women’s Political Participation Towards Achieving Sustainable Development: The Case of Women in Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS)
Author: Zaireeni Azmi
  Full Text  

Title: The Role of Gender and Status in Communication between Doctors and Patients in Malaysian Context
Author: Leila Mohajer & Noraida Endut
  Full Text  

Title: Midwives and Herbal Remedies: The Sustainable Ethnoscience
Author: Kartini Aboo Talib @ Khalid & Nurshuhada Mohamed
  Full Text  

Title: Temiar Women Breastfeeding Experiences: A Journey to Empowerment
Author: Sharifah Zahhura Syed Abdullah & Rozieyati Mohamed Saleh
  Full Text