The Bachelor of Communication degree offered by the School of Communication is a three-year programme that aims to produce graduates with broad knowledge and critical understanding of communications. The Programme is also intended to equip students to apply their conceptual understanding and theoretical knowledge to their practical work. It also strives to provide an open and integrated approach to communication studies through:

Multi-disciplinary approach

To expose students to the diverse intellectual traditions in communication studies to reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of the field.

Liberal Education Approach
Through the major and minor curricula, students will be able to enhance their knowledge and skills in one area of specialization while taking different or related minor courses offered by other schools;

Integration of Theory and Practice
The programme offers a carefully designed curriculum that integrates both aspects of theory and practice to prepare students for various opportunities and challenges in the communication industry.


The School of Communication offers three areas of specializations i.e. Film & Broadcasting, Journalism and Persuasive Communication.

Film & Broadcasting
Film & Broadcasting offers a combination of critical and analytical understanding of screen studies and professional training in audio, video and film production. Students specializing in Film & Broadcasting will be able to produce quality media products as well as thought-provoking screen products that critically address various pressing issues in society.

Journalism is another area of specialization offered under this Programme. Students will possess critical understanding and knowledge on various issues pertaining to the sociological aspects of journalism as well as useful skills in writing, reporting, photojournalism and desktop publishing.

Persuasive Communication
Persuasive Communication integrates several academic fields related to persuasion and influence, i.e. advertising, public relations, public communication campaign and event management. Students specializing in Persuasive Communication will be able to understand various intellectual paradigms, theories and knowledge, which they will then be able to apply to various practical-oriented courses.