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Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

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Title: Demand Side Perception on Success factors for Implementing Public Road Construction Projects
Author: Noah Mwelu, Susan Watundu and Musa Moya
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Title: Modeling the Hindrances to Building Information Modeling Adoption on Construction Projects in Nigeria
Author: Benedict Amade, Uchenna Moneke and Christopher Okorie
  Full Text  

Title: Exploring the Temporary Appropriation of Marginal Open Spaces in Urban Residential Neighbourhoods
Author: Temitope Muyiwa Adebara
  Full Text  

Title: Micro and Small Enterprises’ Development in Ethiopian Construction Industry: The Challenges and Improvement Regulatory Framework
Author: Desalegn Girma Mengistu, Daniel Alemayehu Ashene and Melaku Mamo Beyene
  Full Text  

Title: Capital Budgeting Implementation by Public Sector Construction Firms in Tanzania’s Housebuilding Industry: An Exploratory Study
Author: Nyamagere Gladys Sospeter and Bankole Osita Awuzie
  Full Text  

Title: Improvement of Risk Management in Cost Estimation in the Building Construction Industry in Uganda
Author: Gerald Draleti, Ruth Sengonzi and John Kakitahi
  Full Text  

Title: Construction Disputes Causes and Resolution Methods: A Case Study from a Developing Country
Author: Sandra Matarneh
  Full Text  

Title: Critical Factors Influencing the Performance of Public Housing Construction Projects in Myanmar
Author: Kriengsak Panuwatwanich, Su Su Nwal and Myint Naing
  Full Text  

Title: Managing Emotional Intelligence of Construction Players During COVID-19 in Malaysia
Author: Mohd Ashraf Mohd Fateh, Ainun Najwa Supian and Cheng Siew Goh
  Full Text  

Title: Exploring the Impact of Endogenic Factors on the Competency of SMCs in the Ethiopian CI
Author: Abraham Aboneh Bekele and Gangadhar Mahesh
  Full Text  

Title: Bibliometric Analysis of the Journal of Construction in Developing Countries
Author: Daniel Aristizábal Torres, Ana Sofía Ayala Herrera and Jhon Mario Gómez Cano
  Full Text  

Title: Construction Sector Dynamics in Turkey: Economic Advancements and Vulnerabilities
Author: Faruk Buyukyoran and Hakan Yaman
  Full Text  

Title: Assessment of Non-Verbal Safety Training for Construction Novices: A Comparative Experiment in Japan and Malaysia
Author: Zi Yi Tan, Kazuya Shide, Hirotake Kanisawa, Naoto Mine, Kazuki Otsu, Yohei Koga and Shunsuke Someya
  Full Text  

Title: Reluctance to Change: Key Factors of Foreign Labours’ Safety Non-Compliance Behaviours
Author: Azreen Ariff Zulkeflee, Nasruddin Faisol, Faridah Ismail, Noor Akmal Adillah Ismail and Qurtubi
  Full Text  

Title: Factors Influencing Healing Space Design for Enhanced Well-Being of the Occupants: A Systematic Literature Review
Author: Fengyu Xia, Tamilsalvi Mari and Sujatavani Gunasagaran
  Full Text  

Title: Identifying and Assessing the Root Causes, Impacts, and Countermeasures of Corruption in Yemen's Public Construction Projects
Author: Yaser Gamil, Qadir Bux@Imran Latif Qureshi and Ali Hauashdh
  Full Text  

Title: Application of IoT and Cloud Computing for Evaluations of KPIs through Consistent Fuzzy Preference Relations
Author: Debasis Sarkar and Arpit Solanki

Title: Factors Influencing the Employment of Illegal Foreign Labourers in the Construction Industry: A Review
Author: Azreen Ariff Zulkeflee
  Full Text