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Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

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Title: Factors Influencing Governance Practices in Rural Development Projects: A Case Study of Rural Road Project in Malaysia
Author: Abdul Muhaimin Abdul Latiff, Aini Jaapar and Che Maznah Mat Isa
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Title: Maintenance Feedback Mechanisms and Limiting Factors of Post-Occupancy Evaluation in Student Resident of Higher Education Institutions in Nigeria
Author: Eseohe Akuetea, David Obinna Nduka and Kunle Elizah Ogundipe
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Title: Assessment of Basic Measures Instituted to Curtail the Spread of COVID-19 on Construction Sites in Lagos, Nigeria
Author: Oluseyi Julius Adebowale, Fredrick Simpeh, Patricia Omega Kukoyi and Justus Ngala Agumba
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Title: Exhibited Mentoring Drivers in Construction Professional Firms: A Case of Nigerian Quantity Surveying Firms
Author: Kenneth Otasowie and Ayodeji Oke
  Full Text  

Title: Investigating Current Practice on Disincentive Program in Indonesian Construction Industry 
Author: Mohammed Berawi, Perdana Miraj, Rosmariani Arifuddin, Dzikry Aulia and Siti Rahma
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Title: Quantifying the Impact of Work Environment Factors on Variability of Labour Productivity in Wall Plastering
Author: Edwin Adakole Agbo, Yohanna D. Izam and Calistus Ayegba
  Full Text  

Title: Employees’ Turnover Intention in the Construction Industry in Indonesia
Author: Wehelmina Rumawas
  Full Text  

Title: Assessing Causative Characteristics of Abandoned Completed Urban Market Projects in Ghana
Author: Edward Nana-Addy, Innocent Musonda and Chioma Okoro
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Title: Determinants of Successful Completion of Construction Craft Apprenticeship in Lagos State Nigeria: A Qualitative Study
Author: Innocent Chigozie Osuizugbo, Patricia Omega Kukoyi, Ralph Olusola Aluko and Nelson Ayodeji Akindele
  Full Text  

Title: Investigating the Strategic Planning of BIM Adoption on Construction Projects in a Developing Country
Author: Oluseye Olugboyega and Abimbola Windapo
  Full Text  

Title: Assessing the Role of Planning and Considerations in the Sustainability of PPP-Based BRT Projects: A South African Case
Author: Chioma Okoro, Franco Muleya and Innocent Musonda
  Full Text  

Title: Impact of Window Factors and Building Orientation on Energy-consumption in Residential Buildings of Humid Temperate Climatic Zone in Iran
Author: Kimia Soudbakhsh, Mahrokh Etminan, Mohammad Hakimazari and Seyedehmamak Salavatian
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Title: Multiphase Project Risk Management on Food Factory Building Construction: Consultant Perspective
Author: Anastasia Erlita, Mawardi Amin and Bambang Bintoro
  Full Text  

Title: Expected Competencies of Quantity Surveyors in Zimbabwe
Author: Tirivavi Moyo, Mernard Mukawa, Benviolent Chigara and Cynthia Moyo
  Full Text  

Title: Critical Success Factors for Adoption of Supply Chain Management in Tanzanian Construction Projects
Author: Geraldine Kikwasi, Nyamagere Gladys Sospeter and Panteleo Rwelamila
  Full Text  

Title: Solutions to Overcome Integrated Project Delivery Implementation Barriers: A Meta-Synthesis Approach
Author: Zahra Kahvandi, Silvio Melhado and Marina Lapa Viana
  Full Text  

Title: The Impact of Covid-19 on the Construction Sector in Zimbabwe
Author: Benviolent Chigara and Tirivavi Moyo
  Full Text  

Title: The Impact of External Risks on International Construction Project Success: Evidence from Commonwealth Caribbean Islands
Author: Hernan Albeiro Parra, Alexander Zuñiga-Collazos and Luis Fernando Cruz-Caicedo
  Full Text  

Title: An IDEF0 Functional Planning Model for the Development of Asset Management Framework: A Case Study of Chiang Mai University
Author: Achara Khamaksorn, Acrapol Nimmolrat, Noorsaidi Mahat and Orawit Thinnukool
  Full Text  

Title: Prioritizing the Maintenance of University Hostels to Improve Students’ Satisfaction
Author: Cheong Peng Au-Yong, Azlan Shah Ali and Anantheraj Pavaraj
  Full Text  

Title: Collaborative Project Procurement in the Construction Industry: Investigating the Drivers and Barriers in Malaysia
Author: Jeffrey Boon Hui Yap and Sin Ying Lim
  Full Text  

Title: A Meta-Analysis of Factors Affecting Construction Labour Productivity in the Middle East
Author: Oluseyi Julius Adebowale and Justus Ngala Agumba
  Full Text  

Title: Investigating Profitability of Local Construction Contractors in Uganda
Author: Isaac Buhamizo, Muhwezi Lawrence and Ruth Sengonzi
  Full Text  

Title: An Analysis of The Benefits of Adopting Modular Construction: A Nigerian Construction Industry Context
Author: Victor Arowoiya and Oluwatobiloba Oyefusi
  Full Text  

Title: Critical Determinants of the Competitiveness of the Ghanaian Construction Industry
Author: Abdul Manaan Osman and Liu Yi Sheng
  Full Text  

Title: Determination of Contractor Strategies in Delivering Construction Projects in Oman
Author: Ayisha Powmya, Nazirah Zainul Abidin and Nurul Sakina Mokhtar Azizi
  Full Text  

Title: Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Construction Workers in West Java
Author: Ryandika, Meifrinaldi, Krishna Suryanto Pribadi, Igor Martek and Toong Khuan Chan
  Full Text  

Title: Housing Design Studies in Saudi Arabia: A Thematic Review
Author: Aysha Mnea and Mohd Zairul
  Full Text  

Title: Factors Affecting the Competence of Quantity Surveying Professionals in Zimbabwe
Author: Tirivavi Moyo and Benviolent Chigara
  Full Text  

Title: Inhibitors to the Adoption of Building Information Modelling in Modular Construction: A Case Study of the Nigerian Construction Industry
Author: Imoleayo Abraham Awodele, Modupe Cecilia Mewomo and Emmanuel Chidiebere Eze
  Full Text  

Title: BIM Implementation Models in Thailand: Drivers, Benefits, Barriers and Lessons Learned
Author: Francisco Sierra and Christayos Rodboonpha
  Full Text