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[Vol. 15, No.1, 2010]


Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

:: Volume 15, No. 1, 2010

Title: Condition Rating System for Thailand’s Concrete Bridges
Author: Nukul Suksuwan and Bonaventure H.W. Hadikusumo
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Title: Barriers and Opportunities in Developing ‘Do-it-yourself’ Products for Low-income Housing
Author: Aguinaldo Dos Santos, Cecilia G. da Rocha and Priscilla Lepre
  Full Text  

Title: Exploratory Study of Obstacles in Safety Culture Development in the Construction Industry: A Grounded Theory Approach
Author: Oulawan Kulchartchai and Bonaventura H.W. Hadikusumo
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Title: Liveability Dimensions and Attributes: Their Relative Importance in the Eyes of Neighbourhood Residents
Author: Jasmine Lau Leby and Ahmad Hariza Hashim
  Full Text  

Title: Treatment of Salt Attack and Rising Damp in Heritage Buildings in Penang, Malaysia
Author: A Ghafar Ahmad and Haris Fadzilah Abdul Rahman
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