Performance structure (in sequence) :

  1. Bertabuh
  2. Menghadap Rebab
  3. Sedayung Pak Yong
  4. Sedayung Mak Yong
  5. Pak Yong summoning Peran Tua
  6. Peran Tua summoning Peran Muda
  7. Pecah Cerita
  8. The End

Note: The performance structure here refers to the narrative of the play which excludes ‘Buka Panggung’ and ‘Tutup Panggung’ which are standardised performance rituals. The ‘Buka Panggung’ are not necessarily an opened performance for the public. It is much more elaborated compared to ‘Tutup Panggung’ in which the audience get to view but may not necessarily comprehend.