Makyung troupes perform for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Only name of troupes since the 1920s are known. These troupes perform both locally and internationally serving different functions that include therapeutic, social and commercial purposes.

Examples of Makyung troupes which dates before year 1926 until November 1969 are as shown:

  1. Makyung Chik Minah
  2. Makyung Mek Salleh
  3. Makyung Papak (Pondan)
  4. Makyung Mek Sar
  5. Makyung Mek Yah
  6. Makyung Syed Kuning
  7. Makyung Mek Senik
  8. Makyung Minah
  9. Makyung Che Kemala
  10. Makyung Limah Anak Keli
  11. Makyung Bidah Anak Ular
  12. Makyung Mak Haji
  13. Makyung Cik Mas
  14. Makyung Bidah Mahmud
  15. Makyung Bidah A. Bunga Tanjung
  16. Makyung Esah Pasir
  17. Makyung Mek Nab
  18. Makyung Che Man Batu Karang
  19. Makyung Tiong Emas
  20. Makyung Fatimah Awang
  21. Makyung Pak Da Lah
  22. Makyung Mek
  23. Makyung Mak Cik Mas
  24. Makyung Mariam Hiburan
  25. Makyung Pak Adik
  26. Makyung Tanah Merah
  27. Makyung Datuk
  28. Makyung Tok Penghulu Wok
  29. Makyung Mek Su
  30. Makyung Anak Gajah
  31. Makyung Mat Nor Pa
  32. Makyung Hussin Gutu
  33. Makyung Pak Muda Mat Nor
  34. Makyung Mas Kadok
  35. Makyung Munah Tuan Long
  36. Makyung Mek Su Yah
  37. Makyung Sidek Pondan
  38. Makyung Som Kenangan
  39. Makyung Tok Sa’mah
  40. Makyung Che Ning
  41. Makyung Pok Ya Endut/Yahya Endut
  42. Makyung Che Man
  43. Makyung Kampong Tempoyak
  44. Makyung Mek Esah
  45. Kumpulan Semerak
  46. Makyung Hiburan Dagang
  47. Makyung Sri Temenggung
  48. Makyung Mariam Titisan Air Mata

Currently, only a few Makyung troupes such as 'Kumpulan Seri Nilam' from Istana Budaya (Cultural Palace),  'Kumpulan Sri Fatimah', 'Kumpulan Makyung Universiti Sains Malaysia' actively performing and sustaining this moribund theatre art form.

'Kumpulan Seri Nilam' from Istana Budaya
'Kumpulan Seri Nilam' from Istana Budaya

'Kumpulan Seri Nilamí  from Istana Budaya