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The objectives of the program :

  1. To strengthen the University Sains Malaysia brand as an APEX university through Research University
  2. To support the ambition and anticipation of the nation to boost the nation’s development through the empowerment towards research and improvement in science and technology;
  3. The value of sustainability in research outcomes for the better of future sustainability;
  4. To give recognition to the innovation research projects done by the undergraduates, postgraduates and also the diploma, by the university;
  5. To exclusively exhibit the winning products and innovations earned from a progressive research and development of the students from IPTs in Malaysia and international;
  6. To encourage students to conduct researches and innovations thus creating their own career opportunities.
  7. To exposure the undergraduate students to international research programs.

Categories of NRIC

Life Science | Fundamental Science | Information Technology & Communication | Health & Medical Sciences | Engineering & Technology | Social Transformation & Creative Art | Community Reseacrh & Innovation Competition