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Terms & Conditions


1. For your information, the Novel Research and Innovation Competition is scheduled to be held as followed:

Date : 20-22 August 2013
Venue : Student Main Hall, Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800 Penang Malaysia.

2. Below are the terms and conditions for entry:

  • This competition is only open to all final year undergraduate and diploma students of local and international institutions of higher learning that require their students to conduct research as part of their graduation requirements.
  • The students’ research project can be submitted in the form of a research product or publication.
  • Each institution of higher learning can submit a maximum of 15 entries comprising the best projects conceptualized by their first degree or diploma students.
  • Fee for Novel Research and Innovation Competition 2013 is USD400 per project (cover accommodation and foods maximum for 3 persons per group and one person in charge).
  • Entries can be submitted either individually or in groups (maximum 3 persons per group).
  • Any additional participant has to be informed to us in 2 weeks in advance before the event. The maximum number of participant to be added is limited to 2 persons only. USD60 will be charged for each additional participant.
  • Foods and accommodations will be limited to every participants and a person in charge only.
  • Each student has to enclose their latest final examination slip and student card during the participation registration.
  • A deposit of USD200 (subject to changes/fluctuations in the current exchange rates) has to be remitted a month before the closing date for entries and the remaining amount must be settled upon registration.
  • Payments can be made in cheque, cash and bank in via TT transfer ) to the :

Bursary Universiti Sains Malaysia,
11800 Universiti Sains Malaysia
c/o Bank Muamalat Malaysia BHD
USM Service Centre, Minden

ACCOUNT NUMBER :0702-0001054-71-6

3. Entry forms of Novel Research and Innovation Competition can be downloaded from the website stated here.


  • This competition is open to only diploma students and undergraduates, of final year students from both local public and private universities.

  • The research project could be either in product form or publication.

  • Each university is entitled to submit maximum, the best fifteen research projects in total, undergraduate and diploma categories (local university only).

  • Research projects are to be competed under individual category or group category (maximum 3 persons).

  • Any additional participants must be informed to the organiser, two weeks prior the competition days. Maximum number of additional participants are two. Additional of RM200 will be charged per head for the additon of subsequent participant.

  • Food & beverage as well as accommodations are limited to three participants and one officer-in-charge.

  • Participation fee for each competing project is RM1200.00 for all categories of master, undergraduate and diploma (local university) except CoRIC which is RM600.00.

  • Payment could be made via cheque, cash and P.O to:

Bendahari Universiti Sains Malaysia,
11800 Universiti Sains Malaysia
(Attn: Bendahari NRIC 2013)

  • Full payment must be made before 5th of August, 2013. Any late payment after the stated date are not entertained

  • Each participant is compulsory to wear formal attire during the opening ceremony and closing (award) ceremony.

Categories of NRIC

Life Science | Fundamental Science | Information Technology & Communication | Health & Medical Sciences | Engineering & Technology | Social Transformation & Creative Art | Community Reseacrh & Innovation Competition