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Accepted Abstract(s)
Paper Id Author(s) Paper Title
ECO1001 Chan Tze-Haw  A Structural Modeling of Monetary System for Malaysia in the Globalization Era
ECO1002 Ibrahim A. Mostafa Elkfrawy Effect of Exchange Rate Regime of Egyptian Pound against US Dollar on Price Index, Inflation Rates for Consumers and Producers Basket of Livestock Goods
ECO1003 Swati Dutta & Lakshmi Kumar Income vs. Asset Poverty: Evidence from Indian Rural States
ECO1004 Chor Foon Tang & Eu Chye Tan An Investigation of the Tourism-Growth Nexus for Malaysia in a Multivariate Framework
ECO1005 Chor Foon Tang & Eu Chye Tan Modelling the Demand for Tourism in Malaysia
ECO1006 Yong Kang Cheah The Determinants of Smoking Participation in Malaysia
ECO1009 Geoffrey I Nwaka Building Just and Sustainable Cities in Africa
ECO1010 Md. Al Amin Pramanik Poverty and Ready-Made Garment (RMG) Workers in Bangladesh
ECO1011 B.N. Ghosh Sustainable Development: Contextualizing the Gandhian Perspective
ECO1012 Hasnat Dewan  Quality of Life and Sustainability Assessment of a Small City: The Case of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
ECO1013 Mazlina Mustafa, Dr. Keith Donald Morrison, Dr. Ramzi Addison & Dr. David A. Cohen Characteristics of Learning Organizations Implementing Sustainable Development: Comparative Case Study of Malaysia and New Zealand Electricity Generation Industry
ECO1014 Madiha Riaz  Reinvestigating the Dynamic Behaviour of Real Exchange Rate
ECO1015 Madiha Riaz  Demographic Analysis of Poverty in Pakistan
ECO1016 Annisa Gita Srikandini Economic Sustainability as a Social Protection for Disaster Survival Case Study: Micro Economic Programme in the Aftermath of Merapi Eruption 2010 
ECO1017 Dr. Mahyudin Bin Ahmad How Do Institutions Affect Economic Growth?: The East Asian Experience
ECO1018 Sabri Nayan, Norsiah Kadir & Mat Saad Abdullah Saving, Investment and Economic Development from the Perspective of Post Keynesian Economics: An Examination of the Malaysian Data
ECO1020 Abdul Ghani Salleh Regional Economic Development in Malaysia: A Review
ECO1021 Agnes Tolnai Failed States and ‘Sustainable Development’
ECO1022 Dr. John Morrissey & Hakkart, Aaron Transit Orientated Development: Challenges, Limitations and Opportunities in Car Dependent Cities
ECO1023 Shafinah Rahim Sustaining Development via the NEM: An Islamic Economics Approach
ECO1024 Adrian Daud, Khalid Abdul Rahim, Mad Nasir Shamsudin & Ahmad Shuib The Willingness to Pay for Better Environment: The Case of Pineapple Cultivation on Peat Soil in Samarahan, Sarawak
ECO1025 Sahar Amjad & Hamna Ahmed The Role of Education Subsidies in Sustaining Human Capital Development: Evidence from Rural Punjab, Pakistan
ECO1026 Devanto S. Pratomo The Response of Hours Worked to Changes in Minimum Wage in Indonesia
ECO1027 Muhammad Shahbaz, Muhammad Zeshan & Talat Afza  Is Energy Consumption Effective to Spur Economic Growth in Pakistan? New Evidence from Bounds Test to Level Relationships and Granger Causality Tests
ECO1028 Yahya Kamali Policy Analysis Methods and Implementation Models for Sustainable Development
ECO1029 Sakkarin Nonthapot, Hooi Hooi Lean & Saidatulakmal Mohd Regional Tourism Demand to Lao PDR
ECO1030 Cheam Chai Li & Ong Soon Chuan Tourism Receipts, Health and Economic Growth: Johansen Cointegration and Granger Causality Approach
ECO1031 Norhazlin Ismail & Law Siong Hook Economic Freedom, Inequality and Growth
ECO1032 Yi Zheng & Lean Hooi Hooi An Analysis of Hang Zhou Urban Commodity Housing Market
ECO1033 Dzul Hadzwan Husaini & Lean Hooi Hooi  Electricity Consumption, Export and Production: Evidence from Malaysian Manufacturing Industry
ECO1034 Behnaz Saboori, Jamalludin Bin Sulaiman & Saidatulakmal Mohd  Environmental Kuznets Curve and Energy Consumption in ASEAN-5 Countries: A Cointegration Approach
ECO1035 Elgilany Ahmed, Jamalludin Sulaiman & Saidatulakmal Mohd Poverty Reduction Policies in Malaysia
ECO1036 Putu Mahardika Adi Saputra The Dynamics of Bilateral Trade Balance: The Role of Exchange Rate, Income and Cash Balance in ASEAN Countries
ECO1037 Sepideh Samimi The Effect of Oil Revenues on Voice and Accountability in OPEC Countries
ECO1038 Seyed Morteza Afgah, Azardokht Alikhany & Roozbeh Kardooni A Study on the Effect of Government Investment in Economic Sectors on Income Distribution: Iran Case Study
ECO1039 Gladys Siow Sustainable Development Initiatives – In Case of Malaysia
ECO1040 Chiang-Ching Tan & Evan Lau  Hydroelectricity Consumption-Economic Growth Relationship and Carbon Dioxide Emission in Malaysia
ECO1041 Saten Kumar, Rahul Sen & Sadhana Srivastava  Does Economic Integration Stimulate Capital Mobility: An Analysis of the African Economic Community (AEC) 
ECO1042 Fennee Chong, Michelle Synelia & Fiona Banun Jutim Flipping Activities in Bursa Malaysia: Some Explanatory Factors
ECO1043 Solarin Sakiru Adebola Old Wine in a New Bottle: Growth Convergence Dynamics in SAARC and ASEAN countries
ECO1044 Solarin Sakiru Adebola  Electricity Consumption, Urbanisation and Economic Growth: Evidence from Angola 
ECO1045 Muhammad Waqas Ameer & Saidatulakmal Mohd Alternative Retirement Program for the Informal Sector towards Poverty Eradication 
ECO1046 Zahoor Khan & Jamalludin Sulaiman Global Food Prices Hike, Poverty and Sustainable Economic Development:  Experience of Asian Transitional Economies 
ECO1047 Senadjki Abdelhak, Saidatulakmal Mohd & Jamalludin Sulaiman Poverty in Algeria: An Institutional Crisis or Developmental Problem?
ECO1048 Jamalludin Sulaiman, Azlinda Azman, Saidatulakmal Mohd & Senadjki Abdelhak Poverty-driven Vulnerability and Household Behaviour in Uncertainties: Evidence from Perlis Paddy Smallholders’ Farmers 
ECO1049 Jamilah Mohd Mahyideen, Normaz Wana Ismail & Law Siong Hook The Impact of Hard  Infrastructure on Bilateral Trade Flows In Selected ASEAN Countries 
ECO1050 Ruhaida Saidon, Zulkornain Yusop, Normaz Wana Ismail & Law Siong Hook The Impact of Sectoral Foreign Aid on Growth 
ECO1051 Milad Samari, Nariman Ghodrati & Mohd Wira Bin Mohd Shafiei Green Building: Strategic Approach to Sustainable Economy
ECO1052 Ehsan Rajab Financial Development and Economic Growth: The Role of Stock Markets and Banks
ECO1053 Zunika Mohamed & Rusmawati Said   Multidimentional Poverty in Malaysia: What Do We Know about It?
ECO1054 Nurhikmah Esti Prastika   Disclosure, Risk and Performance (Islamic Banking in Indonesia )
ECO1055 Lilis Siti Badriah & Dijan Rahajuni   Evaluation of the Impact of National community Empowerment Program for Self Urban (PNPM Mandiri Perkotaan) in Alleviating Urban Poverty in Banyumas District
ECO1056 Havid Sularso, Hari Pujianto & Anisa Market Analysis of Dividend Announcements in Indonesian's Sharia Stocks
ECO1057 Padcharee Phasuk & Jong-Wen Wann   Reorganize the Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) Index for Improving Empirical Issues in Measuring and Competitiveness Cross Border Trade of Thailand
ECO1058 Mohammad Abdul Hannan Pradhan, Jamalludin Sulaiman & Saidatulakmal Mohd  An Analysis of the Millennium Development Goal 1 in Bangladesh
ECO1059 Khairul Naim Adham & Chamhuri Siwar   Greening ICT Appliances in the Malaysian Public Sector: An Analysis of ICT's Technical Specification in Tendering Processes
ECO1060 Saeid Asadi, Hamid Reza Jamali Mahmuei & Elham Ghobadi   Sustainable National Science and Technology Development: A Geographic Model for Iran
ECO1061 Mazlina Mustapha, Suba Ranjini Nadaraja & Hashanah Ismail Ethical Exposure During Practical Training and in Classroom: Case of Accounting Students
ECO1062 Mohd Fahmi Ghazali, Lean Hooi Hooi & Zakaria Bahari Gold as an Inflation Hedge: Empirical Evidence in Malaysia
ECO1063 Seyed Mehrshad Parvin Hosseini & Prof.Suresh Narayanan The Determinants Of Innovation And R&D: An Analysis Based On Firm Level Data
ECO1064 Lee-Chea Hiew, Chin-Hong Puah & Muzafar Shah Habibullah The Role of Advertising Expenditure in Indonesian Money Demand Function
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