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Accepted Papers
No. Paper Id Author(s) Title
1 AGR1003 Md. Mahbubul Islam, Nargis Akter & Md. Mozibur Rahman Jute Crop Cultivation Protecting the Environmental Pollution of Bangladesh
2 AGR1004 A.S. Abdullahi, D. Ahmadand S.A. Amin
Rice residue management on Fadama lands and their effects on soil properties and crop development
3 AGR1007 Nurjihan Idris, Mad Nasir Shamsudin, Fatimah Mohamed Arshad & Emmy Farha Alias A Model for Paddy Industry in Malaysia
4 AGR1008 Dr. Ejaz Ashraf, Fawad Shah, Muhammad Luqman, Samiullah & Muhammad Younis A Threat to Food Safety: Use of Untreated Waste Water for Vegetable Farming in Urban Areas in Pakistan
5 AGR1009 M A Kashem and M A A Faroque A Country Scenarios of Food Security and Governance in Bangladesh
6 AGR1010 Obadire, OS Contributions of Smallholder Irrigation to Household Food Security in Vhembe District, South Africa
7 AGR1013 Amer N. N. Kakahy, D. Ahmad, MD. Akhir, S. Sulaiman & Ishak A. Effects of Knife Angles and Cutting Speeds on Pulverization of Sweet Potato Vines
8 AGR1014 Professor Gamini Herath Free Trade and Sustainable Development: The Oil Palm Sector in Malaysia
9 AGR1017 Boey Huey Ming, Gerald Goh Guan Gan & Suganthi Ramasamy The Role of Concern for the Environment and Perceived Consumer Effectiveness on Investors’ Willingness To Invest in Environmentally-Friendly Firms
10 AGR1018 Mr. ID Mothoagae
Mokhele JS Madise
Land is Development: A Developmental sustainability a model for trade integration for Africa’s advancement
11 AGR1020 Hatta Hj Sapwan & Associate Professor Abdul Malek A.Tambi Agriculture Co-operatives Society in Perak: The Relationship of Educational Background and Training Attended with the Competency of BODs Member
12 AGR1022 Jeen Wei Ong, Gerald Guan Gan Goh, Choon Yih Goh, Marianne Shing Mei Too & Lee Pheng Goh Are We Willing to Pay for Green Products?
13 AGR1023 Dr. Elgilany Ahmed, Professor Jamalludin Sulaiman & Dr. Saidatulakmal Mohd Agricultural Production and Household Food Security in Sudan
14 AGR1024 Dr. Mani K.P. & Dr. Chacko Jose P Sustainability of Agriculture through Agri-Business Ventures
15 AGR1027 Syahaneem Mohamad Zainalabidin and Khalid Abdul Rahim Impact of Climate Change on Palm Oil Production: A Preliminary Finding
16 AGR1033 Emmy Farha Alias, A.H Baharom, Alias Radam & Mohd Rusli Yacob Does Paddy Cultivation in Malaysia Contributes to CO2 Emissions? : An Econometric Analysis
17 AGR1035 Nurjihan Idris, Norzalila Kasrom, Mohd Mansor Ismail, Mad Nasir Shamsudin & Fatimah Mohamed Arshad A model for Tobacco Industry in Malaysia
18 AGR1036 Nur Alina Jabir & Mohd Mansor Ismail Malaysian Sugar Industry: Is there a Competitive Advantage
19 AGR1038 Amna Awad Abdel Hameed and Fatimah Mohamed Arshad The Palm Oil Import Demand in Selected European Countries: A Cointegration Analysis
20 AGR1039 Roberto B.Gozzoli Ayutthaya, Thai Heritage and Foreign Tourist: Approaches and Issues
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