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Accepted Abstract(s)
Paper Id Author(s) Paper Title
AGR1001 Alia'a Nimer AbuKhalifeh & Ahmad Puad Mat Som  Developing Sustainable Partnerships in Eco- Tourism: The Case of Jerejak Island
AGR1002 Hamid Amade & Azam Hozhabri Granger Causality Relationship Between Oil Price and Grain Prices in The World during 1960- 2011
AGR1003 Dr. Md. Mahbubul Islam & Nargis Akter Jute Crop Cultivation Protecting the Environmental Pollution of Bangladesh
AGR1004 A. S. Abdullahi & A. Desa Stubble Management and their Influence on Crop Development and some Properties of Irrigated Flood- Plain Soils in Bauchi State, Nigeria
AGR1005 Jadalla A. E. Omar, Abu Hassan Abu Bakar, Hasnah Md Jais & Faisal Moftah Shalloof The Reorganization of Agricultural Extension towards Sustainable Agricultural Development in Eastern Libya
AGR1006 Adelakun, K.M., Adeola, A. J., Alaye, S. A., Ogundinwin, D. I., & Ajagbe,S. Sustainable Aquaculture Practise: A Profitable Venture in Nigeria
AGR1007 Nurjihan Idris, Mad Nasir Shamsudin, Fatimah Mohamed Arshad & Emmy Farha Alias A Model for Paddy Industry in Malaysia
AGR1008 Dr. Ejaz Ashraf, Fawad Shah, Muhammad Luqman, Samiullah & Muhammad Younis A Threat to Food Safety: Use of Untreated Waste Water for Vegetable Farming in Urban Areas in Pakistan
AGR1009 M A Kashem and M A A Faroque A Country Scenarios of Food Security and Governance in Bangladesh  
AGR1010 Obadire, OS Comparison of the Contribution of Smallholder Irrigation to Household Food Security, with Dry Land Farming in Vhembe District of Limpopo Province, South Africa
AGR1011 Professor Vijay Paul Sharma Accelerating Agricultural Development for Inclusive Growth in India
AGR1012 Ranjan Roy, Professor Chan Ngai Weng & Proessor Ruslan Rainis Development of Indicators for Sustainable Rice Farming in Bangladesh: A Case Study with Participative Multi-Stakeholder Involvement
AGR1013 Amer N. N. Kakahy, D. Ahmad, MD. Akhir, S. Sulaiman & Ishak A. Effects of Knife Angles and Cutting Speeds on Pulverization of Sweet Potato Vines
AGR1014 Professor Gamini Herath Free Trade and Sustainable Development: The Oil Palm Sector in Malaysia 
AGR1015 Dwi Budi Santosa Rural Development Based on Sustainable Group
AGR1016 Dr. Zahra Arzjani Rural Women Participation in Sustainable Agriculture in Iran
AGR1017 Boey Huey Ming, Gerald Goh Guan Gan & Suganthi Ramasamy The Role of Concern for the Environment and Perceived Consumer Effectiveness on Investors’ Willingness To Invest in Environmentally-Friendly Firms
AGR1018 ID Mothoagae & Mokhele JS Madise Land is Money: A Developmental Sustainability Model for Trade Integration for Africa’s advancement
AGR1019 Muhammad Humayun Kabir & Professor Ruslan Rainis Integrated Pest Management Farming in Bangladesh: Present Scenario and Future Prospect
AGR1020 Hatta Hj Sapwan  & Associate Professor Abdul Malek A.Tambi  Agriculture Co-operatives Society in Perak: The Relationship of Educational Background and Training Attended with the Competency of BODs Member
AGR1021 Sohela Mustari Socio-Environmental Effects of Shrimp Cultivation in Bangladesh: A Focus on Sustainable Development
AGR1022 Jeen Wei Ong, Gerald Guan Gan Goh, Choon Yih Goh, Marianne Shing Mei Too & Lee Pheng Goh Are We Willing to Pay for Green Products?
AGR1023 Dr. Elgilany Ahmed, Professor Jamalludin Sulaiman & Dr. Saidatulakmal Mohd Household Nutrition and Food Security Assessment in Sudan
AGR1024 Dr. Mani K.P. & Dr. Chacko Jose P Sustainability of Agriculture through Agri-Business Ventures
AGR1025 Illisriyani Ismail, Emmy Farha Alias & A.H Baharom Does Increased Fish Landings Contribute to Pollution: Lessons for Malaysia
AGR1026 Aswani Farhana Mohd Noh, Gazi Md Nurul Islam & Kusairi Mohd Noh Marine Fisheries Status in Peninsular Malaysia: Using Bio-Economic Approach
AGR1027 Syahaneem Mohamad Zainalabidin & Khalid Abdul Rahim Impact of Climate Change on Palm Oil Production: A Preliminary Finding
AGR1029 Harry Donkers Local Food Systems for Global Future Development and Implementation of Knowledge and Innovation
AGR1031 Wan Izatul Asma Wan Talaat , Abdawiah Mat Adam, Mohd Lokman, Husain, Norhayati Mohd Tahir, Mohd Shaladdin Muda, Yang Farina Abdul Aziz & Sulong Ibrahim The Present Status of Mangrove Biodiversity Management in Malaysia
AGR1032 Wan Izatul Asma Wan Talaat, Syuhada Mad Juhari, Norhayati Mohd Tahir, Mohd Lokman Husain Sustainable Management of Forest Biodiversity in Malaysia: Is the National Forest Policy Still Relevant?
AGR1033 Emmy Farha Alias, A.H Baharom, Alias Radam & Mohd Rusli Yacob Does Paddy Cultivation in Malaysia Contributes to CO2 Emissions? : An Econometric Analysis
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