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Accepted Papers
No. Paper Id Author(s) Title
1 BUS1003 Anne Ho Poh Chin Social and Human Capital in Family Firm Sustainability – A Malaysian Case Study
2 BUS1004 Qian Long Kweh, Yee Chuann Chan & Irene Wei Kiong Ting Intellectual Capital Efficiency of Malaysian Software Public - Listed Companies
3 BUS1006 Siew Fan Wong
Hanadi Mubarak AL-Mubaraki
A Preliminary View of the Relationship between Incubator Performance and their Length of Establishment
4 BUS1011 Ricky Chia Chee Jiun & Lim Shiok Ye Evidence on the Predictability of Malaysian Stock Market Movement by Present Value Model (PVM)
5 BUS1012 Hooy Chee Wooi Ooi Chai Aun and Ahmad Puad Mat Som Crisis Typologies and Tourism Demand
6 BUS1013 Sampath Kehelwalatenna
Gamini Premaratne
An Empirical Investigation on the Behavior of Intellectual Capital
7 BUS1015 Logasvathi Murugiah, Nor Hayati Ahmad & Asish Saha Determinants of Directors’ Compensation in IMT-GT
8 BUS1016 Norizan Md. Nor Hamoon Khelghat-Doost Govindran Jegatesen Tunku Fatimah irdaus Dato’ Tunku Fariddudin Laleh Etminan Baseri Developing Human Capitals in Higher Education: Paving the Path towards Sustainable Knowledge Based Economies
9 BUS1018 Md. Zahidul Islam
Ikramul Hasan
Ali Yusob Md. Zain
The Impact of Organizational Culture and Structure on Knowledge Sharing
10 BUS1021 Wei Rong Ang & Hooi Hooi Lean Are the Socially Responsible Investing Fund Managers in Luxembourg Skilful?
11 BUS1023 Thilagavathi Krishnan & Dr. Shankar Medical Tourism: Sustainability of Healthcare Industry in Malaysia
12 BUS1025 Sally Hui Siang Yong, Gerald Guan Gan Goh & Jeen Wei Ong Do Green Value Chains Contribute to Competitive Advantage?
13 BUS1027 Aaron Pook Sow Yee, Gerald Goh Guan Gan & Lee Su Ling Best Practices of 'Green' Websites: A Content Analysis of European and Asian Non-governmental Organisations
14 BUS1028 Jeen Wei Ong, Peik Foong Yeap & Hishamuddin Ismail The Use of the Term ‘Competitive Advantage’ in Strategic Management Journal: A Content Analysis
15 BUS1029 Malliga Sompholkrang Consumption Behavior of International Tourists in Thailand
16 BUS1031 Nor Suhaiza Md Khalid & Muhammad Izmer Yusof Challenges of Non-Rational Issues in 21st Century Asia
17 BUS1033 Shamil, M. M. M & Associate Professor Dr. Junaid M. Shaikh The Relationship between Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Financial Performance: a conceptual review
18 BUS1034 Amin Hanudin, Hamid Rizal, Amboala Tamrin, Geoffrey Tanakinjal, Samsulbahri & Ghazali Mohd Fahmi An Analysis of Islamic Credit Card Adoption: Perspectives from Malaysian Bank Customers
19 BUS1036 Tan Fee Yean & Annis Fadilla Bt Mohd Sukery A study of attitude, Subjective Norms. Perceived behaviour control and the intention to return to work of SOCSO's insured person
20 BUS1041 Mazlina Mustapha and Maitilee Selvaraju Inclination towards Entrepreneurship among university students: Evidence from Malaysia
21 BUS1042 Yusniyati Yusri & Dr. Azlan Amran Management Views and Perspectives towards Workplace and Human Capital Disclosure in Annual Report
22 BUS1044 Majid Ansari
Hossein Motamed Chaboki
Pooya Songhory
Linking intellectual capital and organizational performance through the mediating role of entrepreneurial orientation
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23 BUS1045 Dr. Mohammad Habibur Rahman
Dr. Hazri Bin Haji Kifle
Ikramul Hasan
Organizational Culture, Socialization and Knowledge Sharing: A Study of Public Organizations in Brunei
24 BUS1049 Siti Sarawati Hj. Johar Psychoticism Personality of Leader and Self-Esteem of Employee through the Perspective of Understanding of Emotions in Organization
25 BUS1050 Behnoosh Shamsollahi The Role of Physical Structure Features of Yazd City in Its Urban Identity Creation
26 BUS1051 O.C.S.Wilson A.H.Baharom Muzafar Shah Habibullah Does Environmental Degradation Influence Migration? The Case Of Malaysia And Asia-Pacific Countries
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