Most often the movements in the Bangsawan performance are stylized with attractive movements, while the acting method is highly dramatic. The stylized way and the exaggeration would reinforce the meaning of the action. Although the movements are over-acted but they are still natural and comfortable. Viewed closely, the movement performed is choreographed with consideration given to pattern movement based on available space. In whatever condition, the actors would try to position their full physique in front of the audience. Overall, the position of the actor’s physique is presented full frontal or at least from a profile angle. It would be very seldom the actor would have their back to the audience.

The highly elevated movement in Bangsawan performance would be synchronized with the gestures movements. The facial expression would be emphasized. The movement in the hands would also be emphasized compared to usual practice. Eye contact with the other characters seldom occurred because blocking composition did not permit such a happening. If there are too much eye contact between the actors, it would result in the actors having their back to audience, a position they would like to avoid.

Mime is usually used, for example, in garden scenes. The princess with her maids playing the garden is a popular scenario. Gesture movements of flower plucking, butterfly chasing, joyous faces while singing would be carried out as accurate as possible.

Movement&Gesture in Bangsawan Performance