Just like other Malay traditional theatre, prior to every Bangsawan performance, a ritual ceremony will be held. Magical beliefs and taboos were the main pillars used by the Bangsawan owners to ensure the position of their group. This practice is believed to be able to ensure the continued support and the safety of members. The troupe leader or the shaman will cast a spell and sprinkle popped rice before the curtain is raised. In fact, it was customary for the crew of the theatre that before the curtain is lifted three types of flowers, water and oil that has been chanted over are placed on the stage.

During make-up, the Ilmu Pemakai (user’s knowledge) is used by the actors. The Ilmu Pemakai can be found on the make-up powder, betel leaves and face sweetener which were chanted over. Mak Minah on the other hand has adopted a phrase of prayer after makeup is applied. The prayer is read and exhaled into a glass of water and thereafter to be drunk. This prayer is believed to make the voice more melodious and to make the face looked sweeter. This prayer should be practiced with a sincere heart because of the concern that it would bring catastrophe if misused.

The shaman acted as the medium to drive or to reconcile with the powers of the other world by reading the chants. This service of the shaman served to attract viewers to the theatre casts, especially Seri Panggung (Heroine) and Orang Muda (Hero) to the extent they became crazy about them. Many actors of Bangsawan sought the service or knowledge of the famous medicine man or the shaman to help them achieve fame rapidly. In fact, chants are read and spirits are worshipped by the shaman to restore the area to be used for the stage performance. This belief has a strong influence on the actors to the extent that as long as the ritual ceremony is not performed, the actors would not proceed with the performance. With the awareness of the influence of Islamic teachings, this ritual belief gradually faded in a Bangsawan group. Prayers of wellbeing, the chapter from al-Fatihah and the holy verses are applied in the preparation for an acting performance.