The division of the curtains are as follows: hall or theatre curtain, the group curtain, the basic curtain and  the background decorative curtain. The hall or theatre curtain is readily hung in the hall and does not belong to the group. Usually the hall curtain is bright and vivid in colour. The group curtain for the Bangsawan group which is performing will follow suit. On this curtain, the symbols or images associated with the group will be displayed. 

When the hall curtain is opened, it will be the first time that the audience will see the group curtain. This curtain will only be used before and after the Bangsawan performance. The group curtain will be followed by the first curtain with two-coloured stripes. This curtain will be displayed during the intermission or extra-turn, humorous sketches, singing, or physical activities such as acrobatics. Occasionally, it is used as a background scene for drama actions which is connected to the front of the curtain even though it is undecorated.



Besides the set of background decorative curtains, there are also the side-wing (Sebing)  which is located on the right and left of the stage. Side-wing is a rectangular wooden frame lined with fabric and was built to block the back portion of the set from the view of the audience. Side- wing  measured three feet wide and seven feet high. The role of side-wing is to protect the the crew and serves as an entrance for the actors. In addition to the curtain sets there is also the set-drop curtain. This set-drop curtain is much smaller than the curtain set. This curtain would be matched with the basic curtain sets so as to be more synchronised with the locality portrayed. The forest curtain set for example would be hung close to the set-drop of a cave or a portion of the cave, rocks, trees and the like. The appearance of the set-drop creates a three-dimensional image besides acting as a decorative background prop.

The curtain sets plays a role in determining whether the Bangsawan performance is interesting or not. The curtain sets which are fine and carefully made, with detail and lively art, matching the storyline, costumes and acting would serve to enhance the performance.

Panggung Bandaraya (DBKL), KL


Forest scene