Dance in extra-turn performances form a main asset to entertain Bangsawan audience. The Inang dance, Candle dance, Joget, Zapin, Hadrah and Ronggeng are among the most commonly original malay dances for the Bangsawan audience. Besides these, dances from India, Middle East, Indonesia and the west are also performed. In the extra-turn, the Seri Panggung (Heroine) and the Orang Muda (Hero) would try to promote themselves by projecting their superiority and aptness in dancing. When they succeed in attracting fans, they would be given a nudge or a title by the fans as a mark of admiration for his superiority or ability. For example, Minah Yem who received the title "Queen of Dance" and Purita Clarino with the title "Jazz Queen". Other examples of western dances which Bangsawan audience are interested in are the Foxtrot, Ragtime, Rumba, Cha-cha, Samba and Hawaiian.

Extra-turn (Arabic song - 'Nour El Syam')

Extra-turn ("Copacabana")

Extra-turn ('Shanghai Beach')