One of the special features in Bangsawan performance is the “extra-turn”. These are extra “turns” or acts which fill in the time during set changes. This extra “turns” is important as to:

  1. allow stage crews to prepare and arrange the set and props at the back of the curtain for the next scene
  2. give sufficient time for the actor to change costume and accessories
  3. allow actor and actress to have a rest before the next scene
  4. entertain audience while they are waiting for the next scene

During an “extra- turn”, the audience will be served with all kinds of entertainment such as:

  1. Instrumental pieces
  2. Physical presentations (circus, martial arts, magic, weight lifting, juggling, acrobatic)
  3. Dances
  4. Singing
  5. Comedy sketches

Extra-turns are important as a form of attraction to capture the audiences' attention and interest in every Bangsawan performance. There are individuals who come to view Bangsawan, not particulary interested in the story but desires to view the dances and to listen to the singing by their adored singer. The success of each bangsawan group does not rest solely on the capability of the main actors but it involves also the chorus group, assistant actors, stage crews or the interesting scenes presented the extra-turns actors.

The singing and dance performances which are included in the extra turn’s intermission does not follow the wishes of the director or the owner of Bangsawan but are subjected to the audiences' taste. The songs, singers and types of dances which would be performed would be filtered first so as to ensure the audience is entertained. Some choices are made spontaneously after receiving written requests from the audience which are very often met and fulfilled.